Comic Foregrounds EX by Wonder Worker Guerrilla Band. @ IMPOSSIBLE TOKYO

2012.12.01(sat) ~ 2012.12.09(sun)
Comic Foregrounds Exhibition
by Wonder Worker Guerrilla Band.

@Impossible Project Space
2F Oak Bld, 1-20-5 Aobadai Meguro, tokyo 153-0042 JAPAN +81(0)3 5459-5093
Open Hours
Tue, Thu, Sun : 12pm – 6pm  Wed, Fri, Sat : 12pm – 8pm  Mon : Closed

Opening Reception Party  2012.11.30(fri) 8pm – 11pm
Closing Party-Flea Market  2012.12.09(sun) 12pm – 6pm
WWGB とその仲間達によるフリーマーケットをクロージングパーティとして開催





※会場ではWWGB によってカスタムされた 1970 年代のヴィンテージ ポラロイドカメラ ‘SX-70′ を限定販売いたします。
300 セット販売いたします。

Polaroid Camera, I have to say that reason for the existence almost disappeared…
It keeps attracting me somehow. It’s because there is a peculiar of a Polaroid camera. Take a picture, thenwait for the time to image emerges, the series of operations is absolutely appeal. It is not too early and not too long, image appears in the exquisite timing.

Now prime digital helps showing images on the monitor instantly, therefore, we have lost such thing as a “between” expected…

“Face appearance billboard.”
It is familia in touristy areas in Japan. It’s funny thing that crops up. It has been neglected in rains…

When it finds, we want to fit the face on it for some reason.
Face appearance billboard has such a mysterious charm.

It Transforms into an absolute subject when face is appeared on it. Common to both, the characteristics link the “nostalgic” landscape in the memory.

This is an installation rendering the time and images that can not be duplicated.
- “STORIES” created by passage of time and artifactual relations. -

Sasquatchfabrix. Customized 1970′s Vintage Polaroid SX-70 Camera

2008 年に生産終了となったインスタントフィルムを再生産し、世界で唯一ヴィンテージのポラロイドカメラに対するフィルムを製造しているフィルムメーカー the impossible project とのコラボレーション。
カメラはすべて 1970 年代にリリースされたヴィンテージカメラ “SX70″ のきれいなボディやパーツを集めてリファービッシュし、サビ加工を施した鉄板をビスで止め付けたスペシャルな一品です。

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